Some important additional information for you:

Online registration for all classes

In order to have a “touchless entry” when you come to class, all students will need to sign up for classes online on our website or on When classes fill up, you will automatically be put on a waiting list. Be sure your profile is set up to receive notifications so you are aware of changes.

New liability waiver

A new liability waiver will part of registering online for your first class. If you are asked to sign the waiver additional times, it is because the waiver has been updated.

New payment agreements

A new payment agreement with Hot Yoga Vancouver, LLC will be part of registering online for your first class.

Streamlined pricing

Students can purchase a single class (expires 30 days after purchase), a weekly unlimited pass (7 consecutive days of unlimited yoga starting on your first day of class, expires 30 days after purchase, regardless of when you start using the pass), or a 30-day unlimited pass (30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga starting on your first day of class, expires 60 days after purchase regardless of when you start using the pass.) ALL PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Late cancellation & no show fees

A $10 charge may be assessed when a student no shows for a class they registered for or cancels a class reservation less than THREE HOURS before class is scheduled to begin. Due to the limited class sizes, if you cannot attend a class you registered for, it is more important than ever to cancel on time so others can attend.


For the foreseeable future there will be NO RENTALS at the studio. This means you must bring your own mat, hand-towels and any props you may want for class. We recommend that you bring a small hand towel to take into the hot room to cover any sneezes, coughs, and to clean up a bit before you leave the room.

Dressing rooms & showers

Unfortunately, the dressing rooms and showers will not be available.


Everyone will be required to wear masks in the lobby area. Once you step on your mat, you may remove your mask if you choose. Instructors will wear masks or face shields during class.

Check-In Procedures

We will be ready for you and are attempting to have a “no touch” check in process. If you have ANY Covid-19 symptoms, you should not come to the studio. In a nutshell, this is the procedure:

  1. Register online, sign the waiver, take time to read through the self-monitoring questions.

  2. Arrive at the studio 15 minutes early. Be prepared to form a socially distant queue.

  3. When you enter the studio, you will put everything you do not need in the hot room into a numbered cubby.

  4. After you put your things away, you will come to the desk where we'll ask you some screening questions. Then you sanitize your hands and go into the hot room.

  5. There are predesignated places in the hot room for everyone’s mat. Place your mat on the mark and enjoy a silent savasana as you wait for class to begin.

  6. After final savasana, and before you step off your mat, wipe off any excess sweat with your towel, put on your mask and be aware of others and leave the room through the west end door one at a time (yep we added a door!). Please, no line at the door and use some sanitizer before exiting.

  7. Restrooms are available but please do not use the sinks to "shower" in.

  8. Collect your personal belongings and leave the lobby.If you choose to socialize, feel free to do so outside of the building away from the entryway. As much as we’ve missed each other, we can’t have any groups gathering in the lobby.