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What types of yoga are you certified to teach?

I am certified to teach the 26&2 and Integrated Hatha!

I am a Level 1 OHYA Certified Teacher and registered as E-RYT 200 / RYT 500 / YACEP via Yoga Alliance.

I am also a Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms). 


How long have you been practicing the 26&2?

My first experience with Original Hot Yoga (26&2) was in 2013. I loved it, it just didn't stick as a consistent practice in my life but I dabbled in yoga throughout the years. Finally, in April 2018 I made my way back into the Hot Room and haven't stopped since!


When/where did you graduate from 26&2 Yoga Teacher Training?

Spring 2019 with Raja Yoga Academy in Victoria, BC!


Why did you decide to become a yoga teacher?

Yoga is my anchor, my antidepressant and anxiolytic - my path to whole-self wellness. I am more connected, conscious, and at peace when I lean into the yoga. My faith lies within this practice, and I credit it for so much spiritual growth. Yoga has really saved my life. It was definitely a feeling - I just knew I wanted to be able to share the practice, the lifestyle, the opportunity... with anyone and everyone.


What do you like best about teaching?

So much! I love connecting with my students, witnessing breakthroughs and the shedding of layers, seeing the transformations happen on the micro- and macro- levels! It's pure magic. Teaching is my passion and it's an honor to be trusted to hold the space for the deep inner-work that happens when we show up on our mats.


What is your favorite yoga posture?

Oooh, hard question. There are so many! I think Standing Head to Knee takes the cake for favorite. I feel this posture really embodies the five pillars of the practice - faith, self-control, willpower, concentration, patience. I can feel so strong and so flexible, completely connected body + mind, in this one.

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