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Hot Yoga Vancouver is proud to offer classes 7 days a week! The primary class on our Schedule is the 26&2 90minute class, but you'll find a 60minute 26&2 variation, Yin Yoga, and Hot Intermediate classes available, too! We also host various Workshops + Events! Come join us!

Class Descriptions




Click HERE to check out our Class Schedule.

The Studio is open 30 minutes prior to class with the exception of the 6 AM classes - Studio opens at 5:45 AM for the 6 AM classes.

Please wait 15-minutes after a previous class ends to enter the Hot Room to allow for savasana and for room transition.

Special Events + Workshops


Brandy Lyn Workshop Weekend at HYV

We are so honored to announce not one, but TWO opportunities to take your practice to the next-level and learn from International Yoga Champion and Founder of The Ivy Standard Yoga Institute, senior teacher Brandy Lyn!

About our Special Guest, Brandy Lyn: Brandy has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching yoga since 2006. She was the 2010 International Yoga Champion and has taught students all over the world. Over the past 15+ years, she has spent countless hours teaching and practicing the 26&2 and 84 Asanas (AKA Advanced Class) from the Ghosh lineage. In 2017, Brandy fell in love with the Ashtanga yoga system. She is working on the 4th series of the Ashtanga system and incorporates much of the Ashtanga system into her teaching.

As the mother of three young children, Brandy has come to realize that the real yoga happens off the mat. Yoga asana is essential to her in navigating through this ever-evolving life with grace and ease.


Currently, Brandy lives in Utah and is the Founder of The Ivy Standard Yoga Institute; a yoga school dedicated to the development and training of excellent yoga teachers. Brandy and the ISYI Team offer Teacher Trainings, Camps, Workshops + Retreats throughout the year.

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26&2 Masterclass + Workshop
Saturday 3/18/23, 12 - 3 PM

Learn some key fundamentals of the 26&2 series and gain a deeper understanding of individual postures and the series as a whole. This Masterclass + Workshop will not only provide a challenging and powerful practice, but also offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced and successful yoga instructors in our lineage. Whether you're new to the 26&2, or an experienced 26&2 practitioner, this will help you take your practice to the next level.

Cost: $75 / $65 for Monthly Members

For more info and to get signed up:

Integrated Hatha Masterclass
Sunday 3/19/23, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

This 2-hour Integrated Hatha Masterclass will be an opportunity to deep dive into the special series with the creator of the brilliant Integrated Hatha class, Brandy Lyn! If you've never tried this class before, there is no better time. If you've taken Integrated Hatha, this is the perfect opportunity to up-level your practice.

Integrated Hatha is a beginners / intermediate level class of the Ghosh lineage, the same yoga lineage our beloved 26&2 practice is from. Integrated Hatha is a dialogue-based, set-series class that contains the 26 postures from the beginners class plus additional postures from the advanced 84 class with a little ashtanga influence. It's a challenging and empowering experience!

Cost: $50 / $45 for Monthly Members

For more info and to get signed up:

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Classes start on time, every time.

To keep things safe and secure for our students in class, the front door is locked once class begins. We recommend arriving early to allow yourself enough time to settle. Doors open 30 minutes before class begins (with the exception of the 6:00am classes, doors only open 15 minutes prior to the 6:00am classes).

Things to Remember
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